Lord of the Breakthrough

Lord of the Breakthrough Inc - Church Redcliffe

From the beginning of 2013 to the 13th October , I went through a severe depression. I was suicidal on a daily bases. I have been a born again Christian since 2005 and did suffer throughout my life some moments of depression. However, that was the first time I sank so deeply into a depression since giving my life to Jesus Christ. I was so removed from God, stopped going to church, reading my bible, cut myself off form all my friends and acquaintances. I had lost all hope and had completely given up…until the morning of Sunday 13th October where I felt this urge that came upon me, from nowhere, to go to this congregation (LOTB) at Redcliffe, which I did not know. Throughout the day, many things happened (wrong address, car broke down, wrong turn) that stopped me from getting there. Finally, I got there for the evening service which started at 6pm. The moment I walked into the hall, I was touched by how real God’s presence was. I joined in the worship, and the next things I know, Pastor Yarra prayed over me in the name of Jesus Christ for the depression to go. A that time I knew no one as it was the first time I attended, therefore no one knew I was dealing with depression. And I have been completely free from depression ever since. Praise God!

Corinne Peregrini

We love this church and the pastors Ainsley & Yarra. I'm always amazed at what God is doing here.


To preach the good news to the poor; to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening to the prison to those who are bound - Isaiah 61